Monday, August 31, 2015

We are all Guardians!

           Guardians of God’s Gifts.  That’s what we’re reflecting on here in this blog.  Each of us has learned about God’s blessings in a variety of ways.  God’s gifts are not given to us for our own selfish purposes.  God entrusts us with so much, so that we can be the guardians or stewards of the gifts.  When I think of “guardians,” I think of those who function in a role similar to parents.  A guardian is responsible for the child until the child is old enough to be independent.  They do not “own” the children or possess them.  They teach them and guide them and protect them as they grow and learn.  When God entrusts us with these gifts, it is with the expectation that we will nurture and protect and share.
            My parents taught that to me very well, as I’m sure many of yours also did.  You’ll likely hear many stories on this blog from people who learned these lessons from parents or other guardians and mentors.  You’ll also hear stories of people who realized their own role as parents and guardian of tremendous gifts.  That is the joy of sharing.
            My parents were the first role models of stewardship for me.  They absolutely believed in first fruits giving.  After taking the monthly milk check to the bank, my mom always sat and filled the month’s worth of offering envelopes before she did any other bill paying.  It wasn’t about giving the leftovers to God.  God was thanked and acknowledged first. 
            My reflections in the coming weeks will be about how my parents taught me about love, service, and welcoming.  They were my first guardians and they taught me well about how to bless others with the blessings given by God.

Generous God, your blessings grow when shared with others.  Help us to work for the good of all, and not ourselves.  Amen

Pastor Kris